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Little Deeper Charters: Offering Exciting West Palm Beach Diving and Fishing Charters

When you go diving with Little Deeper Charters, you better be ready to see the ocean like you’ve never seen it before. We know the best spots to fish, dive and drift in the West Palm Beach area. All of our diving and fishing charters are led by a captain, a deck hand and a dive guide. The crew’s enthusiasm and love for the sea is infectious (a trait that cannot be feigned). Read on for some more information about our services.


Boat and Equipment


You’ll be riding on a 38-foot custom dive boat. Its forward V-Berth holds all the gear, keeping the deck comfortable for you. The boat is also specifically designed with charters in mind and is one of the fastest dive boats in West Palm Beach.  On our fishing charters, you’ll be responsible for bringing your own spears, lobster snares and nets. On diving charters, you can take advantage of our rental service, which includes everything you’ll need for an aquatic adventure.


Dive Spots and Wildlife


Most of the dive spots are perfect for drift dives. In these areas, you’ll be carried along by a strong current, ensuring that you see all the sights without overexerting yourself. You can choose between many dive spots including Breaker’s Reef, Paul’s Reef and Ron’s Reef. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore wrecks and deep reefs if you prefer more technical dives.


You won’t spend all day on the boat waiting to get into the water, because all the dive spots take less than 30 minutes to reach. If you visit between April and September, you’ll see an incredible assortment of exotic sea life. It’s common to spot loggerhead turtles, moray eels and many species of fish.


West Palm Beach Fishing Charters


Little Deeper Charters allows fishing enthusiasts to spear fish or hunt for lobster during their dives. West Palm Beach offers some of the world’s best fishing, and charters provide the easiest way to take advantage of it. If you are specifically interested in hunting for lobsters, you’ll want to book your trip between August and March (Florida’s lobster season).


Little Deeper Charters offers regular morning and afternoon dives along with the occasional evening dive. To learn more about diving in the West Palm Beach area or to schedule your dive, give Little Deeper Charters a call at 561-436-5299.